Types of monitor that you might not know about

You may have an expensive CPU with several Rams installed in it and a solid hard disk too. But, if you have got a low-quality monitor, everything is just in vain. Without getting the display, we can't do anything with our computer. 

Can we? Obviously Not. So, having a good Monitor influences our viewing experience. Do you know how many types of monitors there are? If not, you're in the right place. 

I'm going to mention 5 types of Monitors that you might even have an idea of. So, are you ready?

Let's head over to the topic.

Types of monitor

What are the different types of monitors?

Technology is a thing that has constantly been improving day by day. And since a monitor is technology too, a lot of work is also done to improve its quality and other features. 

So, there are many types of monitors, but the ones that we're going to discuss in this article are LED, LCD, CRT, touch screen, and Curved monitors. Let's dig deep into each type to understand better.

Types of Monitors

1) LED monitors

LED is a type of monitor that is used by a majority of folks around the world. Due to having a great lifespan and screen resolution, the LED monitor seems to be winning the hearts of the users. 

Although there is another similar type called LCD monitor, which people say is exactly like the LCD monitor, that’s not true.  

The picture quality they both provide pulls apart. More on LCD monitors later. The LED monitor also ranks on top as the brightest monitor in the market. 

Also, the monitor is reliable and has a broader dimming image, which is a crucial factor for any monitor. Also, it consumes just 20 watts; which is another big advantage of it? 

This way, they don't increase your electricity bills. If these features failed to impress you, then hear me up: The LED monitors are affordable. Now, I'm sure you would’ve definitely made up your mind to get one LED monitor for you.

2) LCD monitors

We've just finished talking about the LED monitor, which is similar to LCD monitors. Some mates even believe that the only difference between both types is C and D that comes in their names. 

Ah man, what type of logic is this, though? Would you take a while to tell me about this? Despite having the same names, there is a considerable distinction between both types of monitors.

The LCD monitor is a standard type of monitor that almost everyone uses at present. The colours and the screen resolution of this monitor are just wow. However,

Their refresh rate and response time might not be able to please you. 

3) CRT Monitors

The CRT monitor is an old-school type of monitor and also the first one that had come into the market. Compared to today's monitors, CRTs are bulkier, larger, and consume a lot of energy.

They have a clear and crisp image that may not fail to impress you, though, but the fact can't be denied that they've become a thing of the past that not many people use today. 

But, still, a majority of people use them as they're way more inexpensive than the latest monitors

You can use them too, if you fall into the same category who just have to get their work done, and have no any Concern with the size, look, and portability of a monitor.

4) Curved monitors

Ah, now, finally, I'm going to talk about that type of monitor that I love the most.

Whenever the name of Stylish, slim, and good-looking monitor comes, the first type of monitor that comes to mind is the Curved monitor. 

The curved monitors are the latest computer monitors that are being used across the globe. 

Today, you'll see most gamers, professionals, programmers, and office workers using these types of computer monitors

Because they come with a decent refresh rate and response time, if you're a graphic designer, coder, or gamer, this type of monitor will do wonders for you.

5) Touch screen monitors

As the name suggests, touch screen monitors are those that you can interact with by touching on their screen, like your tablets and smartphones. 

This is the latest type of monitor that every user gets tempted to. Mostly, this type of monitor is used for video editing and presentations, but they work great as a computer monitor too.

Point to note

I hope now to have a better understanding of these 5 types of monitors. There is one thing that you should put a note on, that whenever you’re going to buy a monitor for yourself,  ensure to know what you are pursuing first. 

Different types of monitors are designed for different purposes. A gaming monitor might not work well for an office worker. So, watch out.


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