Types of laser printers that you can go after(2022 Guide)

 So, here you're, looking for the types of laser printers here and there. But, wait.. you've already landed in the right place. Where I'm going to put together the five best types of Laser printers that you can consider going after. 

Also, I will tell you about their qualities and drawbacks so that you can make a better decision for yourself. 

SO, without any further delay, let's head over to the topic.

Types of laser printers

What is a Laser printer?

For those new to Laser printers, it's a type of computer printer that works like a photocopier machine that prints documents using toner and laser. The print provided by this printer is a combination of Electrical charges and toner. 

Types of Laser printers

The market is filled with the types of Laser printers, which make it problematic for people to go for the best one. 

Therefore, I'm going to mention the 5 best types of Computer Laser printers so that you don't get confused while having too many options in front of your eyes. 

1) Workgroup Laser Printer

The first type of laser printer that we have is a workgroup laser printer. This printer is designed for a large and small network of people. 

Like, if you're a group of individuals who have to print together, then this printer will provide you access to it so that you can all do work altogether by using a single printer. 

How? Because, The printer can be shared on the whole network with ease, giving the whole group an ability to work jointly. Isn't that Excellent? 2 sizes of a Workgroup Laser printer are available in the market, large and small. 

If you have a small network, go for the small size; if you're an extensive network of people, you can go for the large size. Also, you can get a Workgroup Laser printer in both mechanisms, duplex and simplex. 

It is capable of printing 15–30 PPM, which is pretty good for offices. Furthermore, the printer can hold 1500 to 2500 sheets in one take, which is indeed a large number. 

But, compared to other printers, this printer will cost you more. So, if you're running out of budget, this printer is not for you. Yet, if you want a decent printer for your office, you won’t regret getting your eyes on this printer.

2) Colour Laser Printers

Do you want to print colourful documents? Then this computer laser printer type is your way to go. The Colour laser printers come in four different colours, which are:

  • yellow

  • magenta

  • Cyan

  • black

These are the colours that you can print with using this colour Laser printer. But, the printer has significantly less printing speed which is just 2.5 PPM. And these printers can only be used for printing colourful documents. 

You can't print other regular documents with it. Though it can be shared with multiple users, it's in vain as the users won't be able to use it properly due to having such a lower printing speed. Moreover, the printer is expensive. 

Hence, This printer is only recommended to a single person who has to do his colourful assignments.

3) Production Laser Printer

You might be able to guess by the name of this printer, doesn't it sound professional? The production Laser printers are  high-speed printers that not everyone can operate; you need some professionals to operate them; 

They're developed to be used for doing heavy works and are not meant to be used standardly. They are so powerful that even if you leave them running throughout the day, they won't have any issues. 

Also, they're capable of printing 50–135 PPM at once, which is mind-blowing. The printer can hold 2500 paper sheets, which are more than enough. However, to have a production Laser printer, you need to have deep pockets. 

And the thing that might disappoint is that they're not portable at all. They're quite heavy and can't be adjusted on a simple desk. 

So, one thing has become obvious, if you need the printer for standard use, this printer is not for you at all. 

But the people who think that their works are too heavy and they need a printer like this, so, they can surely go for buying this one. This one is recommended to such folks only.  

4) Office Laser Printer

The name is shouting and telling you that I'm meant to be used in the office. Isn't it? The office Laser printer is high in size and heavy too. Most of the models are simplex, but you may also find some modals in duplex. 

Just like workgroup printers, office laser printers can also be shared with a small group of users. And the printer has 8–12 pages per minute printing speed, which is Okay. 

They can only hold 250 sheets in one take, which is again okay if you use it personally. However, what you'll love about Office laser printers is their ability to be connected to multiple pcs.

But, the price of these printers is relatively high. Ah, man, it's heart breaking. So, see whether this printer is suitable for you or not, and choose accordingly.

5) Personal Laser Printer

If you're a fan of portable printers and looking for a printer that is small enough to be set up on your desk without any trouble, then a Personal laser printer is just for you. The Laser printers are easy to use and lightweight, which is good for any desk. 

Moreover, these types of printers are cheap, so anyone from anywhere around the world can buy them. The print provided by this type of printer is a combination of Electrical charges and toner. 

Once the process of printing is done, the rest of the toner and electrical charges are discarded from the page. However, every technology has pros and cons. The pros of The laser printer have already been covered while the cons remain. 

So, the first con of the laser printer is that it does not have a fast printing speed. It can only produce up to 4 pages per minute. Also, it can only hold a small number of sheets at once, which are just 100 sheets. 

Isn't that too less? But, As the name suggests, it's a personal Laser printer so it might have been created for a single person. Who knows. 

So, if you're a signal person, like a student who has to do his printing assignments, then this Laser printer is your way to go.

Point to note

Each type mentioned above is used for a different purpose. SO, make sure you buy that laser type of monitor that meets your requirements. 


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