Research | Varies Types of Research


 Research is a procedure where a series of measures are Utilized to accumulate and analyze the data to increase our comprehension of a subject or issue 
 . It entails the following steps 
  1. Pose a question 
 2. Collect information to answer that query 

Research | Types of Research

Types of Research 

There are many different types of research, including both qualitative and quantitative. Which type is most useful depends on the nature of your assignment or paper.

Qualitative Research

In qualitative work, researchers gather information through interviews with individuals who have knowledge about a topic. Qualitative data can be collected in several ways: questionnaires, field observation, case studies, and experiments.

Qualitative research is useful when studying how individuals think or behave in particular situations

Quantitative Research

Quantitative work involves gathering information through recorded data. Data can be numerical or non-numerical characteristics of a population that are counted to determine general characteristics about the population as a whole. Quantitative data often comes from surveys, but it can also come from observations and experiments.

Quantitative research is useful when you want to discover relationships between characteristics of a population or the effects of a particular treatment on a group

Pure Research 

 Pure research is your origin of the majority of new scientific ideas and methods of considering the planet. We can state that the goal of fundamental research is to create new understanding, new concepts, and new fundamentals.

Applied Research 

The most important intention of Applied Research is to address technical problems to check and employ concepts. To inspect the usefulness of knowledge and concepts. To assess the usefulness of fundamentals and concepts. Applied research aims at finding answers to pressing issues that organizations, society, and the like are confronting. 

Applied analysis is a methodology used to fix a particular, functional problem of someone or a group. The research and study are employed in business, medicine, and education so as to find solutions that may cure ailments, resolve scientific problems, or produce the technologies. 

Evaluation Research

Evaluation research assesses the effect of a specific program on a particular social issue. The app is attempting to take care of the issue. The goals of evaluation research will be to assessing an occasion and also to make a decision about its usefulness. 

 Experimental Research

In Experimental research, the researcher manipulates independent variables and measure the dependent variable in order to establish a cause and effect relationship. One of the main aims is to see the cause and effect relationship.

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