Characteristics/ Features of Good Research


Research is simply, the systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic or problem.

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Characteristics/ Features of Good Research

What are the Features of A Good Research

There are many characteristics that make up good research. They include thoroughness, accuracy, and objectivity, among others.

Thoroughness of Research

Research is an important aspect of academic writing. The degree of detail you go into will depend on the nature of your paper or assignment. However, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and provide more information than is necessary.

You can always cut down on the length or depth of your research, but you cannot add to it once it has been written

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Accuracy in Research

Research should be accurate because inaccurate data leads to false conclusions. To ensure accuracy, gather all relevant evidence for a topic before writing about it. Consider the following characteristics of good research:

1. Research follows legitimate, certain principles frameworks, and processes.

2. It starts with a problem and ends with another. As soon as a research question is answered, another question may arise.
3.  Research uses proven analytical processes to collect data whether historical, descriptive, experimental, and case research.
4. Research exhibits cautious and exact judgment.
5. Research generally take extreme precautions which results aren't influenced by their presence, behaviour, and attitude. They critically examine the study approaches to prevent any prejudice.
6. Research design and processes are replicated to permit the researcher to arrive at reasonable and conclusive outcomes.
7. Analysis and interpretations of data, and drawing out implications from research data must be free from bias.
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