Characteristics/ Features of Good Research

Research is a systematic and scientific investigation of a specific topic or problem. It is a way of gathering and analyzing information in order to increase our understanding of a subject or issue. Research can be conducted in various fields, such as science, medicine, social science, education, and business. 

It can involve collecting and analyzing data, conducting experiments, studying literature and other sources, and using various research methods to draw conclusions. The ultimate goal of research is to generate new knowledge, solve problems, or answer questions that contribute to the advancement of a particular field of study.

Characteristics/ Features of Good Research

What are the Features of A Good Research

There are several characteristics of good research:

  1. Originality: Good research should be original and contribute new knowledge to a field of study.
  2. Replicability: Other researchers should be able to replicate the study and obtain similar results.
  3. Reliability: The results of the research should be consistent and reliable.
  4. Valid: The research should be designed and conducted in a way that ensures the results are accurate and reliable.
  5. Ethical: The research should be conducted ethically, with the well-being and rights of any participants being a top priority.
  6. Rigorous: The research should be conducted thoroughly and meticulously, with a high level of attention to detail.
  7. Systematic: The research should be well-organized and follow a logical, systematic process.
Characteristics of Good Research

What are the 7 elements of research?

Many elements are commonly included in research studies. Here are seven elements that are often considered to be important in research:

7 elements of research

The purpose of the research is the main reason for conducting the study. It should be clearly stated and should guide the design and implementation of the research.

Research questions

Research questions are the specific questions that the research aims to answer. They should be focused and clearly defined.


A hypothesis is a prediction or educated guess about the relationship between different variables being studied. It can be tested through research.


The methods describe how the research will be conducted, including the study design, sample, data collection procedures, and data analysis techniques


The participants are the individuals who are involved in the study. The research should specify who is being studied and how they were recruited.


Data refers to the information that is collected during the study. It can be qualitative (e.g., words, images) or quantitative (e.g., numbers, statistics).


The results are the findings of the study. They should be presented clearly and concisely and should include any statistical analyses that were conducted.
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