Audit Working Papers l Purpose of Audit Working Papers

Audit working papers are those documents that are prepared or obtained by the auditor during the course of the audit and retained in connection with the audit these documents contain essential facts about accounts and records which are under audit these documents constitute a link between the auditor's report and the client's accounts or record.

They cover overall activities of audit i.e. from audit plan to audit conclusion stages for providing an overall understanding of the audit let's discuss the concept of audit working papers in detail Audit Working Papers should show how an auditor reaches this audit conclusion from the client's records and get the reasonable assurance to provide audit opinion, therefore, audit working papers should constitute a link between clients records and auditors conclusion drawn by the auditor on each audit area.

Audit Working Papers l Purpose of Audit Working Papers

Coverage of audit working papers auditors initiates an audit assignment from audit planning stage where auditor prepares overall audit strategies for the assignment on the basis of audit strategists to order to defines audit procedures for the audit in the document called audit program. in an audit, the program auditor determines the nature timing and extent of audit procedures including coordination of audit activities.

An auditor applies these defined all the procedures on the documents obtained from the client or documents prepared by the auditor. Out of these documents whatever documents the auditor retains for audit those documents are called audit working papers.

these audit working papers are the basis for audit conclusion made by the auditor audit working papers should support reasonable assurance obtained by the auditor from the audit procedures based on the reasonable assurance order to express his audit opinion audit working papers should be sufficient enough to support the audit opinion provided by the auditor.

Purpose of Audit Working Papers

let's discuss the purpose of audit working papers

1. Audit working papers help the auditor to supervise monitor and control the audit assignment.

2. Audit working papers are the evidence of what work performed by the auditor therefore these document helps the auditor to prove the work performed when a charge of negligence brought against the Auditor.

3. These documents provide information about clients' accounts or records in the recent history of operation therefore they give information about business being audited.

4. Audit working papers of the supporting documents of audit conclusion on each audit area therefore they provide the basis for an audit opinion.

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